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Policies, Beliefs, Values:

From the beginning, Bermuda PEC has believed in having an open, inclusive space. It has been a priority of ours to train our team in an atmosphere where all have a  safe space.

A place that is free from harassment and discrimination (Ableism, Ageism, Hatred, Homophobia, Racism, Sexism, Sizeism, Transphobia, Xenophobia, etc). 

We have made it a priority of ours to include this in our

House Policies, which all Team Members are required to read and sign off on following the interview process. We have done this, so that we have a precursor to any and all warnings. It acts as a first warning, as we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. 

It is our belief that Bermuda PEC has no room for any form of harassment towards all that enter our establishment (and beyond). This includes Staff, Patrons, and Non-Patrons.


At Bermuda PEC, we have an Open Door Policy where all staff have been given direct permission to approach their Management Team about any and all incidents that go against our House Policies.

Bermuda PEC will never require an Individual to share how they identify sexually. If for any reason (Medical, for example), that this information is required from a third party, it will be kept 100% confidential.

Our Dress Code is also casual, flexible, and inclusive. Wear whatever you please, so long as there are no inappropriate words or imagery (curse words etc). Bermuda PEC will encourage trans identifying team members/guests and other gender non-conforming individuals to dress according to their

expressed gender.

If you See Something- Say Something. We have been very direct about this, as we will begin to immediately investigate any established concerns. This goes for our guests as well.

Should you experience or witness any form of discrimination, please inform a member of our Team so we may assess/address the situation swiftly in confidence.

Remember: Bermuda PEC is a safe, inclusive space.

While we believe that all of our Team Members have the tools and capability to handle situations of discrimination, we would have Management shoulder this responsibility. 

Simply put: if we suspect that any form of discrimination/harassment has taken place, the guest (and by proxy, perhaps the rest of their party), will be asked to leave.

Zero Tolerance means ZERO TOLERANCE. 

We believe that if we are to continue to lead by example, then staff, guests, and members of the community will emulate our Beliefs and Values.

An Inclusive Community, is a Strong Community.

Bermuda PEC will continue to educate ourselves and our Team,

through on-going learning.

We are proud to announce that we have recently been accredited by Rainbow Registered, through the CGLCC! Through this accreditation, we are fortunate to learn and access resources to continue our education for a more inclusive space. To be apart of the growing list of Businesses across Canada is an honour.

If you have any questions, or resources, please email us


For further information on Rainbow Registered, follow the link:

For further information on the CGLCC, follow the link:

Be Good.

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275 Main st, Lower level, Bloomfield, ON, K0K 1G0

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