It wasn't ideal. it still isn't.

the opening that we had in mind, was a party. a big party.

bright colours and maybe a dress code.

who am i kidding? there definitely would have been a dress code.

here we are. 7 months later (october), and we are finally open.

we opened a restaurant during a pandemic.

for every step forward, there were two steps back.

things were changing so quickly. they still are. thankfully, starting as a two person team, now four person team, we are afforded the benefit of limited contact in the workplace.

this is our bubble.

if it were not for significant budgeting and the support from our friends, family, and community; we may not have made it this far-

for that, thank you

please read the following to see what we are doing on our part,

and tips that will help us serve everyone better. 

What we are doing:

For takeout:

-contactless pickup available

-contactless payment via


-fully prepared on premises

-locally sourced ingredients,

  and beverages, where applicable

-masks worn by staff

-sanitizer at all points of entry

-hand-washing practised and


What are time slots? they are half hour alottments to avoid over crowding of guests.

call asap if you are looking to secure one for the day. it happens fast.

takeout closed once

time slots are full

how you can help:

-wearing face mask/

shield for pickup

-plan ahead, plan ahead, plan ahead

-using sanitizer provided

-shortened visits

-safely distancing yourself from other guests

-calling ahead for pick-up

-e-transer your money

-patience appreciated through this difficult time

-refrain from covid-19

related jokes

-following signs and arrows

-travel in smaller groups

-we do not take parties larger than 6ppl/ absolutely 0 exceptions/ no splitting

-wash hands frequently

-stay home if you suspect you are ill/not feeling well

-keep track of where you have been and who you have been in contact with

dine- in (patio service)

-contactless payment available

-sanitizer at all points of entry

-QR Code for Personal Menu on your

own device

-restrooms sanitized frequently

-masks worn by all

  service staff

-locally sourced, where applicable

-arrows indicating single direction

  traffic in dining space

- separate entrance and exit clearly


-signs with safe distancing reminders

-no groups over 6 people/splitting not accepted

-chairs and tables measured 6ft between

  diners to ensure safe distancing

-each chair and table will be fully

  sanitized between guests

-no condiments, cutlery, napkins,

 water, etc will be left on tables

 between guests

-a recylcing, compost, and garbage

  station is available for single use items

-Masks MUST be worn to enter building in order to use restroom

-contact tracing mandatory for dine-in & restroom use for takeaway patrons

no. this is not an ideal way to open or run a restaurant. we want everyone to enjoy themselves. however, the sooner we work through these hard times toegther; safely and properly, the sooner we can party like it's 1999.

like this.

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