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About US:

Bermuda PEC was created with a love for the Hospitality Industry. Taking true care of the guest experience from the moment you enter, to the moment you leave. Cooking with heart, and serving with love. 

Why Bermuda?

We are asked this often and know that some folks read our page before visiting: so here it is.

1) We wanted Island Vibes. PEC is a man-made Island (a peninsula- you can't get here with a bridge or boat!), did you know that?

2) If you have ever been privileged enough to travel to a warm island destination, we are aiming for that sunny feeling. If you haven't been to a warm island destination? Let us fill you in on the VIBE, not the place. Bermuda PEC isn't just a destination- it's a feeling.

3) Notice those two triangles in our logo? They are intended to represent founders, Ashley & Lance. Strong, together. We have been business partners/life partners for a long time. It's the love and strength that we share, that got us to Bermuda PEC.

4) Growing up close to here, Trenton and Carrying Place (don't worry 4th gens- we aren't saying we're "local"-lol), we've always found the feeling of home in Prince Edward County. Camping at Sandbanks as youngsters. Sunbathing and swimming at North Beach. Mini roadtrips to Slickers as teens. Class trips to the conservation areas. Sneaking into OLD Mills while skipping school. Playing rugby against PECI. So, no. We aren't residents of PEC, but we grew up loving it just as much as anyone that lives here. It is our goal to have others leave loving it as much as we do.

5) We want you to feel like you are being taken care of, like you would on vacation, say for example: The Actual Country, Bermuda. Taken care of by people that know their way around. Taken care of by people that pour all of themselves into something that makes you want to come back.

6) The colour palette of Bermuda. Pops of turquoise & pinks.

7) After settling on the icon, our beacon, our logo- it had seemed like the stars aligned & Bermuda PEC was born.

275 Main st, Lower level, Bloomfield, ON, K0K 1G0

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